Jack Schofield is our Editor and illustrator/designer. He is the author of 4 books displayed in our store. Jack also does the marketing and advertising and sweeps the floor on the weekends.

Dennis Currie is a retired Captain with Air Canada having started his airline career wth PWA on Hercules freighters. He flies Cessna seaplanes hunting for herring on his off days when he isn't selling books. Dennis has the soul of a poet,  

Craig Murray is not an aviator but he does operate 4 AStars from floating landing pads at Nimmo Bay Resort You might not be able to read the text on his photo—a truth about Nimmo Bay Resort—a fabulous wilderness adventure magnificently recorded in his book, Finding Nimmo.

Peter Barratt is a high time helicopter pilot who founded West Coast Helicopters in Port McNeill BC and performed other great feats like inventing heli-fishing with Nimmo Bay Resort. Pete is now spending a little more time with the latter skill as can be noticed.

Mike Davenport is a sport aviator and a columnist for 3 recreational flying magazines. If you can't find him at home check out the hangars at the airport in Langley BC—the last of the grassroots airfields—you will find Mike hanging out rebuilding something classic or messing around with his family Stinson

Tim Cole's book TIGHT FLOATS AND TAILWINDS was printed earlier in 2020 and is now SOLD OUT—Out of Print!. A very successful book. Tim has now created an AUDIO BOOK from his text. Contact Tim to learn how to access his book.

Jack Ireland's book, OTTER TALES,  is a record of an amazing life as a bush pilot in Canada's eastern provinces and the arctic where the single and twin Otters became his popular steed. Chosen by Transport Canada as an aviation inspector, Jack went on to become the definitive Rocket Man when he was appointed to bring regulations to Rocket launches in Canadian space.

Chris Weicht's new book, RED STAR OVER CANADA is the result of some sleuthing by the pilot during flights into a favourite destination of Bella Bella on the British Columbia mid- coast. Chris has written several significant aviation histories but this one had his attention for many years before the answers all fell into place. Now retired in Sechelt B.C. Weicht put together the account of the 1937 deceits of the Soviet Union and saw some present day threats to Canada's Arctic from Putin's Russia.

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