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Author Michael Bellamy


Sunblood, a pristine wilderness isolated in the Yukon Territory of Canada; divulges a tantalizing mystery that ignites bush pilot Scott Brandon’s love for adventure. He forms a volatile alliance with Catherine McGregor, an executive jet pilot from California. Together they search for an old Lufthansa airliner that disappeared in 1937. Their path of discovery taking them from the genesis of the Third Reich to the boardrooms of an American empire.

Reader Reviews: 

My son is a writer and I also read a lot so I was not sure what I would discover because I know how challenging it is to write a compelling 

story. You aced it!

 The plot was good to begin with. That is critical. Your descriptive narrative was excellent. 

You were able to get across your goal of describing the amazing pull that a machine can have on a person and you handled the various  inflicting emotions that arose with the relationships quite well in my opinion.

 I enjoyed reading the book. It’s not easy to write a book especially one that is hard to put down. Thanks again for the great effort and enjoyable read.

    Sincerely-Ken Siemens 

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