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Historical Mural at Port Hardy Airport moved to the British Columbia Aviation Museum

The new glass mounted mural wall-mounted at YZT’ new terminal

Preserving the BC's aviation history, the original mural that hung in Port Hardy’s airport terminal for 40 years has been moved to the British Columbia Aviation museum in Victoria, BC. The City of Port Hardy has created a duplicate of the mural by a photo process that has the historic painting reproduced on glass and now wall mounted in the passenger waiting area. The mural, which depicts the airlines, pilots, AMEs and the names of over 200 pilots who flew from this base since 1945 was painted in 1981 by Jack Schofield, a pilot for the then AirBC operation on this North Island airport. The BC Aviation museum will use the original mural to commemorate the history of British Columbia’s aviation industry. Schofield, who founded BC Aviator magazine, has since written six books on BC’s flying heritage and operates a small publishing group that provides publishing services for self-publishing aviation authors.

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