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Homer Simpson’s, “DUH!” Now Echos through the Corridors of Power:

The public is being asked to believe that those “small car-sized objects” cruising around at forty thousand feet and being shot down by the US Air Force are benign. “Probably weather related,” is the word.

I was born at night but NOT last night!

Anyone who can put a small car up to 40,000 feet has a lot of where-with-all and must know the rules of the game or doesn’t care. Ask a new private pilot to quote the Transport Canada rules for flying Drones in Canada’s airspace and the chapter and verse will fill 4 pages; ask the former Launch Safety Officer of Canada (Jack Ireland) what a cakewalk it is to launch small cars from Exhibition Park on a Sunday afternoon! (Be sure to bring a bag lunch).

Somebody knows what they are doing. Here’s who, in order of likelihood:


North Korea


Amazon (same day deliveries)

Aliens from outer space


*Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it was the U.S. shooting down their own “weather related” small cars simply because somebody forgot to check with the Pentagon. (Damn! I left that Top Secret document in my garage!”)

And, of course the burning question from the cockpit of the U.S interceptor:

“Huston, we have a Honda Civic at forty grand over Disneyland.”

Mickey says. “Don’t shoot!”

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