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HALF A MILE IN RAIN  by Air Canada Captain DENNIS CURRIE is a life adventure story of flying airplanes—Boeing 777s or Cessna 185 seaplanes or how about a HERC loaded with freight for Casablanca or some other romantic spot? Dennis does it all and he does it in narrative poetry that reads like  the lyrics in a country music ballad. You will love it — it's in the right key.  So far, 300+ readers have been singing along. ISBN 978-0-9950292-5-5

HALF A MILE IN RAIN by Dennis Currie

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  • DENNIS CURRIE, retired Air Canada Captain, One day tracking the great circle route to the UK in a B777; a few days later flying a Cessna 185 floatplane on the British Columbia coast spotting for herring for a fishing company OR, perhaps at the controls of a Herc loaded with freight heading for anywhere in the world. A unique book —you won't put it down.

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