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Here is a very different book from the adventures of Rick Found—bush pilot cum Airline Captain cum boat-builder, financial and meteorological guru: Growing up on the hangar floor, is how Rick describes his childhood when the Found family, his father and uncle in particular, were making aviation history creating that tough little freighter aircraft, the FBA-2C, known later as the Bush Hawk.
His was a different childhood with boarding schools in both Canada and later in England all of which led to Rick’s increasing interest in the weather-related sciences, then a stint in the Canadian navy before finding himself comfortably at home in the left seat of bush planes flying in the Arctic and in foreign lands. Through a progression of adventures Rick finds himself exactly where his father had made history—flying for Air Canada and gaining his captain’s cap on 727’s and Airbus A320s—great circle routes around the world became his domain.
Sound like your average Airline pilot biography??
Not a chance! This pilot is a sailor and a financial guru. He’s a boat builder and dabbles in real estate; studies and becomes a financial adviser but more than all that you will get some lessons in meteorology, the science of weather, and the intricacies of air line pilot training and the culture of flying for Canada’s national airline.

The Desire To Fly by Rick Found

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