Jack Schofield is the author of this fiction novel. He is hoping you will indicate a desire to pre-order the book so he will get his act together and complete the writing, which is just about finished. Just click here to put Jack on notice! 


When Schofield, as a grade one student, was walking to Maple Grove Elementary School in Vancouver, little yellow airplanes would fly over on their way to Vancouver's airport and every kid in the school knew it was Ginger Coote flying one of those planes—he was famous and the Province and Sun newspapers had stories about him in every issue. Some of the anecdotes went over the kid's heads because they were personal stories that meant nothing—like paternity lawsuits and accounts of debauchery. When Schofield founded Aviator magazine in 1990 the very first story published was of pioneer aviator Ginger Coote, telling of his amazing flying career. The research performed gave our editor/pilot an inside look at an amazing life warped by society's then indifference to treatment of children and of human values, World War One and  the emerging awareness of  human rights following "the war to end all wars" made Jack realize he had a bigger story than just flying derring-do  and he has nursed this idea for a novel over the years.

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