Rick Found comes from the famous Canadian Found family of aviation entrepreneurs. His father, Sherman and uncle Bud, designed an airplane that should have, could have, nearly did have Canadian skies full of a fine little freighter designed for the tough job of  flight work in the country's northern territories. Banks, Politicians and what is called "Angel money" were the constant obstacles for success as only 27 of the FBA2 rolled of the initial production line.  But despite "Undaunted Belief" the "Found"just didn't get the attention from the right sources and is now in the hands of foreign manufacturers who may yet introduce it to the world.   

Rick's book is a tribute to his father and uncle Bud Found who persevered through amazing adversity to create this great little freighter—a look at some Canadian aviation history that was upstaged by event of the day like the Avro Arrow, the Jetliner, a big government scandal and...well order a copy direct from Rick and find out for yourself. email Rick at:

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