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There is a lure to flying airplanes and if you happen to be both an entrepreneur and a “soldier of fortune,” the appeal of new flying concepts will beg your attention. The Flarecraft idea captured our bush pilot author’s attention and also his financial investment. Fortunately, the crash of the idea and the plane itself, while nearly killing him, became more of a financial accident than an end to his career.The indomitable spirit of this aviator brought him back into the left seat of his favoured de Haviland Twin Otter, which flies, not just in ground effect as did the Flarecraft, but into international skies where the obvious skills of this professional pilot were in continual demand.

Blaine Bjarnarson, paid dearly in personal relationships along the way, in his life in the skies, but we suspect that  he will continue to be found in the left seat of the next Twin Otter you may happen to board be it in the Maldive Islands,the Arctic or back in LaRonge, Saskatchewan. 

Old Pilot Bold Pilot by Blaine Bjarnarson

  • softcover 8.5” by 8.5”- 226 pages, illustrated

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