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Take a peek into the inner workings of Transport Canada in its heyday, when it was not only a regulator but also when it operated the air navigation system, air traffic control and many of the airports in Canada. An active pilot in retirement, Tim flew extensively throughout Canada as he continued to serve the aviation community in B.C. as a director for the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and the BC Aviation Council.

Tight Floats & Tailwinds By Tim Cole

  • “I can say….an easy read, a good read, lots of good stories and no BS!!”

    J. E. (Jerry) Vernon, Canadian Aviation Historical Society  
    President, Vancouver Chapter,  April 28, 2021 


    “Cole’s book is an interesting read….. Tight Floats reads like an employment résumé of a full but varied aeronautical career…… His writing vividly reflects his enjoyment of the warmth and camaraderie of the people who inhabit this vast land, as well as the obvious pride he shows in the heritage of his pioneering forefathers. Tight Floats is a feel-good account of the second largest country in the world—something we badly need in these difficult days.”

    Paddy Gardiner —Writer, Columnist, & Aviation Historian. 
    December 17, 2020 

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