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Author W.T. 'Tim' Cole

Tight Floats & Tailwinds

Follow Tim Cole through the adventures of his flying career and how he returned to his aviation roots. Working as a bush pilot in Northern Quebec and Labrador he quickly rose through the ranks to become chief pilot for Laurentian Air Services, the renowned Canadian bush airline. As a Twin Otter pilot, he flew for Airtransit, the Canadian Government’s STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) demonstration service, between Ottawa and Montreal. He moved to the West Coast and flew Twin Otter floatplanes for AirWest Airlines. Tim joined Transport Canada and became the 'The Queen's Bush Pilot in British Columbia.'  During his 31-year rise to management levels as a Civil Aviation Inspector, he experienced the perils of both the wilderness and the boardroom.

Reader Reviews

"Tim...You’ve sure seen a lot of this country! And experienced  a lot of aviation…Your down to earth sharing of the stories will resonate with many who have also been there; and also enable many others to experience it through your adventures…Your personal experience from flying to regulating and back again is especially unique and valuable.  Thanks for sharing your great stories."  
Ken Glaze — President, VertiFlight International & Former Chief Pilot and Operations Manager--Helijet International Inc.    August 5, 2020
“…started at it and put everything else on hold – most of all, was informative and entertaining about the Department. Am glad to have had a view inside the workings of the guys we always seemed to think of as enemies or ‘them’. Never thought of the feds as being human. Thanks for doing a good job, Tim. Now, you’re obligated to do another one.”
Robert S. Grant - Canadian aviation authority, author, columnist, and former bush pilot.  June 10, 2020
“…interesting narrative by a long time bush pilot who eventually turned to government work. This book describes his many adventures while flying such classics as the Douglas DC3 and even a stretch on the prototype DH Beaver, serial #1 while on his journey from bush pilot to regional airline captain. In and out of grass and gravel strips, floats and skis, multi engine IFR and instructor, Tim has done it all and more. This followed by 31 years “flying for the Queen” including a period on the “dark side” in enforcement. In retirement Tim takes you into the heart of his flights while he crosses Canada five times in his C172 and flies a 65 hp Champ from a grass strip in the Fraser Valley. A good read for any time but especially now in these COVID times.”
Mike Davenport (Author of People, Places and Planes)   June 02, 2020 
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